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The Blog – The Ultimate Free Internet Business Income Generator

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The Blog – The Ultimate Free Internet Business Income Generator

Okay blogging has been around a long time. So long that I bet most people wouldn’t know what you were talking about if you referred to it by its original "web log".

Yes we’ve since had social media and Twitter but if you’re looking to make money on the web you would be well advised to start by blogging. Of course blogging isn’t just about making money. There are lots of people out there blogging just for fun, or an outlet for their emotions. However for the on the ball internet business person a blog can be a free or at least low cost promotional tool.

If you are new to blogging you can get a great free blog at Google’s own If you are a bit further down the road with your online business or just a little more experienced you may want to think about having your own domain and using a hosting service whereby you can have a self hosted Word press blog.

If you don’t want to incur the cost of hosting you can get set up with a WordPress blog hosted at WordPress itself. At some point however you may decide that you want to have total control over your web real estate.

For some projects I will use Blogger but personally I am a great fan of WordPress self hosted blogs. Unless you are a very savvy web designer and know a lot about html and web design WordPress is a great solution. It’s not just a blogging platform but you can use it for a whole complete website.

When I first started out as with one of my first internet income business idea I decided to use a self hosted WordPress blog. I spent what seemed forever loading this platform onto my site. It was so complex that I was near to banging my head against the wall. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

When you decide to get your own hosting make sure you use a host that gives you access to Panel. When I use Cpanel to install WordPress I now do it with one click using something called Fantastico. What first took me all day now takes me less than a minute.

This is the great thing about having an online internet business you can find many ways of saving time and money and finding out quickly what works and doesn’t work. You just need to know where to look and find the right people to help you.

-By: Paul S Guilfoyle

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