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Edit WordPress CSS using Dreamweaver

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Editing WordPress CSS using Dreamweaver

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Here’s a quick step by step guide for editing WordPress CSS styles using Dreamweaver or any other CSS editor for that matter.

The biggest problem I’ve found with editing WordPress is the multitude of files which to all intense and purposes have to be hand coded using a text editor such as NotePad++,

http://sourceforge.net/projects/notepad-plus. The intuative structure available from using an application such as Dreamweaver is lost, but Dreamweaver or any CSS editor can help in coding your themes CSS file, just following this step by step guide…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Find the theme you like and add the theme to WordPress in the usuall manner.
  2. Open a page containing the CSS style you want to change in your browser.
  3. Save the entire web page as HTML including images and CSS to a file on your local hard drive (File > Save Page As > Web Page complete)
  4. Open the page in Dreamweaver or CSS editor.
  5. Edit the CSS code as required and save the file.
  6. Upload the new CSS file and any graphics you changed to your hosting server.
  7. Preview your sites pages. You should find the new changes have taken effect.

Note: This method only works for CSS style changes (the visual elements) and not the structure of your theme, i.e. the PHP code. You will still need to edit the PHP template files within your WordPress installation to change how the template structure is defined for your pages.

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  1. I’ve been looking for an article on using Dreamweaver for WordPress CSS for some time and glad to come across this one. I didn’t realize you could download and open a WordPress file in Dreamweaver – very helpful advice.

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