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Soundbooth to Captivate WAV Import Problem Solution

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Soundbooth to Captivate WAV Import Problem Solution

Soundbooth to Captivate

The Problem

It would seem there is a problem between Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Captivate and various other sound editing software packages when using WAV files. I have tried for hours today to import WAV files from Soundbooth to Captivate. As far as I can tell, the problem is with the WAV file output from Soundbooth, other programs don’t seem to like it.


The WAV file bit size in Soundbooth is in 32-bit format by default (I think) and most applications importing WAV files only recognize 16-bit and below formats. You can adjust this bit size setting when you save your WAV files using the “Save As Options” dialog that appears after you select your save location, i.e. Change the “Sample Size” to “16 bit”.

From what I can understand, audio files for general usage on the internet, i.e. flash files etc. should be:

  • Audio format: PCM
  • Audio sample rate: 16 bit 48 KHz
  • Audio bit rate: 44100 Kbps
  • Channels: 1 (mono) 2 (stereo)

and Adobe Soundbooth has two “Save As” codec’s for WAV files that seem to fit the PCM format, “IMA ADPCM” and “Microsoft ADPCM”. However, neither of these formats seem to work, they do not seem to be PCM WAV files.

So, after much trial and error, lots of hair pulling and words I should not be using on a Sunday, I came up the following solutions that seem to work…

Solution 1

Save the Soundbooth output as an MP3 file and not as a WAV file so programs like Captivate can import the file.

Solution 2

Save the Soundbooth output as a WAV file and use Audacity to save the file as a PCM WAV file (this works very well, plus Audacity has better noise reduction and editing facilities).

Solution 3

This would seem to be the ultimate solution…

Remove the Metadata in Soundbooth. It would seem other programs do not like the way Soundbooth is adding this data to the WAV header file.

  • Edit > Preferences > Metadata
  • Uncheck > Write XMP IDs to Files on Import
  • Uncheck > Include Source XMP on Save As
  • Metadata Display > Uncheck > All items > Save as default

Save the WAV file from Soundbooth using the “Uncompressed” codec.

  • File > Save As > File Name [filename.wav] > Save As Type > Windows Waveform (*.wav) > SAVE
  • Save As Options > Audio >
    Compressor: Uncompressed >
    Sample Rate: 44100 >
    Sample Type: 16 bit >
    Channels: Mono / Stereo


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audacity Audacity is hosted on JustHost

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