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What A Teacher Makes

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What A Teacher Makes

What follows is a little different to my usual ramblings and is based on an item I read online 091218 at baconbabble.

Having read the item I decided it would be an idea to expand upon the topic, after all, like doctors and nurses most teachers around the world are over paid, under worked and just plain lazy.

The famous phrase, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” in my opinion begs the questions, "can do what?" and "will teach what?".

As we move though life we remember the significant periods and events. If we ignore the traumatic events, memories of which are basically forced upon us, who are the people, other than family, that we remember? I think most will answer in a similar manner … the doctors, nurses and/or midwife that delivered your children, the dentist who removed your first tooth, the doctor who gave you a sweet just for saying, "ahh" and of course your school head master / mistress plus your most hated and most loved teacher.

So, lets begin the exercise, a teacher is asked the question, "What do you make?" with the expected response being related to the mighty dollar (no slur intended). But what does a teacher really make? The following are some of the answers I’ve received … please feel free to add your comments.

Q: What do you make?

  1. I make an A+ student feel like a Nobel Prize winner.
  2. I make students sit through a class of highly technical information when their parents can’t make them sit for 5 minutes without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental.
  3. I make my students to work harder than they ever thought they could.
  4. I make my students wonder.
  5. I teach my students to question.
  6. I teach them how to apologize and mean it.
  7. I teach them about understanding and forgiveness.
  8. I make them have respect for others and take responsibility for their actions.
  9. I teach my students to read and write and expand their knowledge.
  10. I make them use their brains and show all their work in math and not rely on a calculator to do their thinking for them.
  11. I teach them they are individuals and preserve their unique cultural identity.
  12. I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.
  13. I teach my students respect the individuality of all others.
  14. I make them understand our planet is a ship traveling through space and time and for them the exploration has just begun.
  15. I teach them they all have unique gifts and if they work smart and follow their hearts they can succeed in their endeavors.


PS: For those who read, "after all, like doctors and nurses most teachers around the world are over paid, under worked and just plain lazy", and were offended, I was being sarcastic. Having a wife who is a nurse and works 60+ hours per week and a son who is a Mathematics Teacher (a dying bread) and on a good day works 12+ hours I can vouch for this statement not being the case.

PPS: My thanks to Mr. White (head master), Mr. West (Math’s, Geography, PE) who made me do more laps around the football field than I care to remember and Mrs. Troutman (English) who could have had my heart any day and all the teachers and staff who do their best to produce the best.


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