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Your Own Internet Marketing Business in Simple Steps

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Simple Steps to Your Own Internet Marketing Business

Your Own Internet Marketing Business in Simple Steps

Do you want to start your own internet marketing business, but just don’t quite know how to go about it?

Researching the subject of internet marketing can be a fascinating pursuit. Unfortunately, due to the many variables and steps involved in any successful internet marketing business the learning curve can be quite steep and long, especially if you don’t know where to begin, where to look for information or what questions to ask.

In this article I will try to condense the most important points you need to know about starting your own internet marketing business and give you a road map of the steps you need to follow to be a successful entrepreneur

Start Your Own Business

Many people want to start their own business, in particular a work from home business. The idea of working for yourself, on your own schedule, is very appealing. One extremely viable option, especially for those who want to work from home, is starting an Internet marketing business. This type of business has so many different facets and opportunities that anyone can find a niche that works for them.

  • The Internet has become the biggest marketplace on the planet through which you can potentially earn a living. It gives you the unprecedented opportunity to develop and run your own business without ever leaving home.

Of course you don’t have to work from home. Internet marketing can be done from anywhere in the world with little more than a laptop computer, a website and Internet access. So if you love to travel, this might be the thing for you.

The first step is to learn as much as you can about Internet marketing. There are so many different opportunities available to you. For example, affiliate marketing is one possibility. With affiliate marketing you promote someone else’s product and get paid a percentage when a sale is made. Another option is creating and selling your own products, and recruiting affiliates to sell for you.

For more insights into affiliate marketing click here.

A Word of Caution

First a caution. There are many, many, “work from home” and “start your own business” scams on (and off) the Internet. All purporting to help you start your own internet marketing business. So be very, very careful. Do not get caught giving your hard earned money to people selling you information and products which are available for free. Apply due diligence at all times. There are many sites (like KingSolutions.org.uk) which offer all their advice for free. If you want a video tutorial, try sites such as YouTube where people like myself provide video tutorials for free. If you do need “hand-holding” to get started then pick a reputable internet marketing training courses such as that provided by SiteSell or Chris Farrell.


Create a Business Plan

Create a Business Plan

The very first step you should take when looking to start an Internet marketing business (or any business for that matter) is to develop a simple, basic business plan. Don’t get too detailed at this point, you will change your business plan on a daily basis when first starting out. Within this business plan, just try to determine what you will be selling to make money with your company and how you will go about it. Will you be selling online marketing services or working as an affiliate by selling products or services on your websites? Knowing roughly how you plan to generate revenue will allow you create a plan of attack for your business. One thing you don’t want to do at this point is waste your hard earned cash on irrelevant items.


Select a Niche

Select a Niche

The first thing you need to do is select a niche to write about. This will be the focus of your business. Take a moment and think carefully about selecting a niche, your profits depend upon you getting this right. Your selected niche must be of interest to you, preferably something you are passionate about. It does not necessarily have to be something you already know about, but you must be willing to learn. You need to become an expert in your chosen field. Your selected niche could be based on your hobby, work, item of interest or a problem you have worked hard to overcome and want to help others in the same predicament.

Usually, there are a great number of people who have the same interests, passions, pastimes or the same problems that you have had to overcome. Many have not found the solutions that you have discovered. Whatever it is, you can turn it into a successful internet marketing business.

How does this help you? Well, these days, whenever someone has a problem or interest, the first thing they do is refer to their favourite search engine (usually Google) and begin researching their problem or interest? They are looking for information on that subject or problem.

  • As an aside, the best traffic is that from search engines. These people are already looking for what you have to offer.

Which niche area do you think is the most profitable;

  • solutions to problems, or
  • solutions to interests?

If you guessed that solutions to problems is the most profitable niche, you’d be right. Problems are more profitable because people are usually willing to fork over more money for a solution to a problem.

Once you have selected your niche, monitor the situation constantly. If your selected niche is not proving profitable, then close it down and start again. This is your own internet marketing business, not a hobby. If it doesn’t pay, try another niche.

For more information on selecting a profitable niche click here.

Research Niche Keywords

To find you, visitors have entered search parameters (keywords) into a search engine. What keywords are they using? If you don’t have the right keywords on your website they will never find you, and if they cannot find you, there’s no profit to be made.

Try to think like your clients. What will they be searching for? What keywords will they be using? Enter these keywords into your favourite keyword research tool and find related keywords with high searches per month but low competition. These are the keywords you should use in your articles.

You can also check the keywords used by your competition using keyword research tools such as SpyFu and SEMRush. Unfortunately the Google Adwords Keyword Planner will not tell you this information.

For more information on keyword research click here.

Get a Domain Name

Get a Domain Name

For your own internet marketing business website to be profitable you’ll need an easily remembered domain name.

Use a good domain registrar such as GoDaddy and begin searching for potential domain names that match your niche and/or keywords. If you find it, congratulations. Now register it before someone else does. If not, try to find something as close as possible and then proceed to the next step.

See my articles on domain names and domain name registrars if you need more information on this subject.

Get a Reliable Website Hosting Provider

Acquire hosting for your soon-to-be-launched website. A reliable hosting provider is very important. You don’t want visitors coming to your website to see an error page stating that your site is down, you want them to see your beautifully crafted web pages full of highly pertinent information.

Getting a reliable hosting provider is important because, statistically speaking, this is the one and only chance you will have to impress your visitors. If they don’t like your site the first time, they will not come back. Personally, I prefer JustHost (where this site is hosted). They have been extremely helpful and reliable over the years KingSolutions.org.uk has been hosted with them.

  • Note: JustHost also provide a free domain name with their hosting packages, so no need to buy it separately.

For more information on my recommended website hosting providers click here.

Launch Your Website

Launching your website is much easier than you might think. The easiest and most versatile solution is to use the popular blogging platform WordPress.org. This can be downloaded for free, but most good hosting providers such as JustHost, provide a one click installer from your cPanel which will install WordPress, configure your MySQL database, and give you utilities such as phpMyAdmin to manage your system. Usually takes about 10 minutes to do.

Write, Write, Write

Write, Write, Write

So you have your website up and running, but nothing to show visitors. The obvious next step is to write short articles about your subject of interest. Do this on a consistent basis. Try to post your articles at reasonably regular intervals, maybe two or three a week to begin. If your articles are unique and useful, your website will begin generating traffic.

Not so hot on writing, try SpinnerChief Pro or The Best Spinner, article rewrite software with keyword assist and synonym finder. Both are “article spinning apps”. They can completely automate your article spinning or fine tune a document.

  • Interested in article marketing? If so you an use the above software to make multiple unique copies of your original document in the industry standard JetSpinner format and verify their uniqueness in CopyScape.

I know one of the aims of having your own internet marketing business is to make a living, but, unless you are selling specific items yourself, do not try to monetise your site at this point, concentrate on getting traffic first.

Email Marketing

Email marketing (using an autoresponder) lets you stay in touch with your visitors by providing them with pertinent and timely information and offers. This is the best way to turn visitors into customers.

So, register with an autoresponder service such as AWeber, GetResponse or MailChimp and start collecting your visitors email addresses. Once registered for an autoresponder account add the code provided by the service to your website in the form of an opt-in box placed in the sidebar of your website. You can also add an opt-in box in the form of a popup, squeeze page, link, etc. All the code will be provided for you so there is no need to become a programmer, just follow the instructions provided.

  • Warning: Do no be tempted to opt for one of the many free autoresponder services, you will regret it.

For more information on email marketing click here.

For more information on autoresponders click here.

Write an Ebook, Report or White Paper

Write an ebook, report or white-paper on your chosen subject. Make sure the document provides a definitive solution to the problem you’ve chosen to write about.

  • Once the document is complete, save the full document in the form of a PDF file.

Now place an image/link from your chosen autoresponder service in your sidebar (or place of your choice) detailing the giveaway. When the visitor clicks the image/link they should be shown an opt-in box which will email them the PDF file in exchange for their email details. You can get all the information and code to do this from your chosen autoresponder provider. Congratulations. You have now began harvesting emails and started building your email marketing list.

If you are a prolific writer, then writing ebooks could be the niche for you. If you know others with the same interests then this could be your own internet marketing business opportunity.

Keep Subscribers Informed

Using your autoresponder service to notify your list of subscribers of updates to your website and begin developing a relationship with them. DO NOT SPAM THEM. One simple solution to this is to use RSS. Once again your autoresponder service will provide you with all the details on how to do this.

Membership Sites

Membership Sites

If your niche can sustain a membership type platform (paying or free) then consider installing a WordPress membership plugin such as WishList Member. Their website states:

WishList Member is a powerful, yet easy to use membership solution that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site.”
“Just unzip and upload the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site up and running … complete with protected, members-only content, integrated payments, member management, and so much more!”

For more information on creating a membership sites click here.

Online Shop, eStore, Dropshipping


If you want to sell products, either your own or those of others then consider becoming an affiliate with someone like ShareASale , or set up your own online store using one of the many WordPress estore plugins or complete store package such as Shopify.

For more information on email marketing as an affiliate click here.

For more information on online stores, dropshipping etc., click here.

Your Own Internet Marketing Business Final Thoughts

if you want to be a success with your own internet marketing business, then:

  • Continue to research and continue to develop solutions to problems in your niche.
  • Provide real value to your subscribers and help them discover real solutions.
  • Just, DO IT.

Good luck and remember, you can never fail if you don’t give up. If your fist idea doesn’t work, just get a better idea and try again.

If you have any comment, corrections or items you think should be added to, Your Own Internet Marketing Business, please do not hesitate to let me have them in the comment box below.

KingSolutions.org.uk is hosted on JustHost

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