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Facebook Images and Pictures – What’s the Maximum Size?

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FaceBook Images & Pictures – What’s the Maximum Size?

Are you, like me, wondering what the maximum size for a picture on your Facebook personal profile, group page, fan page profile or community pages is?


Well he’s the answer… The max size is 200 x 600 pixels.


Facebook Images and Pictures

Get your own Facebook graphic

To give you an indication of the maximum size, my advertisement on the right is 200 x 600 pixels. You do not have to have your graphic this size, a lot of people prefer a 180 x 150 pixel rectangle. For portraits I find 200 x 260 pixels works well.

Although there is no best way is to create the vertical banner picture for Facebook, I find Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop to be excellent choices of graphics software.

If you want a custom facebook banner image created for your Facebook page just contact me via the contact form and let me know what you need. is hosted on JustHost

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