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Keyword Research – Which Keywords are Best?

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SEO Keywords

SEO Keyword. Which are best?

Keyword Research – Which Keywords are Best?

Keyword research and analysis involves a journey consisting of three simple steps:

  1. Ensuring the site can be indexed in the search engines.
  2. Finding the most relevant and popular keywords for the site and its products.
  3. Using those keywords on the site in a way that will generate and convert traffic.
    Warning: Submitting your website to as many search engines as possible without optimisation doesn’t get you high rankings.

So, lets begin the journey and learn how search engine optimization will help you to get more customers and more sales.

What is a Keyword

A keyword can be many thing. It can be:

  • A word that serves as a key to a code or cipher.
  • A significant or descriptive word.
  • A word used as a reference point for finding other words or information.

For our purposes the latter definition is the one we require, “A word used as a reference point for finding other words or information“.

Not All Websites Can Have High Rankings

With billions of web pages on the Internet it’s quite obvious not all of them can be listed in the top 10 results on search engines. As search engines only list web pages found relevant to the most popular keywords entered by searchers you must ensure your website is one of those sites.

If search engines cannot discover your website is about dogs, they cannot give your website high rankings for dog related keywords. In such cases you much change your web pages so search engines find them relevant, this is called search engine optimization (SEO).

Your Website Must Appear in the Top 10 Results

According to Google’s statistics, 80% of searchers never look further than page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Find the Best Keywords

It’s Important to Invest Some Time To Find the Best Keywords?

Keywords are the words that web surfers enter in search engines to find websites. It’s pointless optimising your web pages for keywords that nobody uses in the search engines. The keywords you use should be relevant for your website and web surfers should be searching for your keywords.

  • For a successful online marketing campaign, you must target the right keywords.
  • If you target the wrong keywords in a PPC campaign, your website promotion efforts will be in vain and you will waste a lot of time, effort and money.

Which Keywords are Good Keywords – The Three Keyword Types?

There are three keyword types:

  1. Keywords for researching and browsing.
    During this phase surfers use general keyword types. Their aim is to find general information only. This type of search results in a very high search volume per keyword and is very difficult to obtain ranking. It’s also unlikely that searchers are looking to buy at this stage.
  2. Keywords for comparing.
    During this phase surfers narrow their search parameters. They know their product or service requirement and are more likely to buy. These are the best keywords to target your search engine optimisation campaign. They generally have low search volume but it’s easier to gain top 10 ranking in the search engines.
  3. Keywords for buying.
    Here surfers are just looking for the best offers and will be using extremely specific keywords.

Most people use a two to four word phrase in the comparison and buying search phase. Don’t use single words because they cannot be promoted effectively, they cannot be targeted. Also, searchers using four-word searches are more likely to purchase goods or services than those using fewer words.

What Happens If You Target the Wrong Keywords?

Answer: nothing much!

Targeting the wrong keywords just loses you time and, especially if using PPC, money. Don’t invest your time optimising your web pages for keywords for which your website cannot rank especially if your competition has a high rank status. Don’t invest a lot of time optimising pages which don’t convert to sales.

What You Should Do Now

Use your favourite keyword tools to find the right keywords. My list of SEO tools may help. Compile a keyword list of 10-30 keywords. Start with broad keywords and then narrow your keyword list.

Things You Should Have Done:

  • Compiles a list of keywords (50+) consisting of two to four words.
  • Narrowed the list to focused keywords (10-30) to bring you targeted visitors not high search volumes.
  • Avoided keywords consisting of only one word.
  • Targeted keywords for the type of visitor requiring your products.


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