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Understanding SEO for the Small Business Entrepreneur (Video)

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Understanding SEO for the small business entrepreneur

Understanding SEO for the small business entrepreneur


Understanding SEO for the Small Business Entrepreneur (Video)

Understanding search engine optimisation research and the Google algorithm

To many online marketers, website designers and small business SEO seems to be a difficult and complicated process to master and understand fully. This is hardly surprising when you consider the mystique surrounding the keyword algorithms used by search engines, particularly the Google algorithm, and the search engine optimisation research needed to obtain good search engine ranking factors. Is it really that complex?

Series Contents


Understanding SEO – What are Keywords?

In this series of articles I will answer many of the questions you have regarding SEO and the best strategies for ranking your website for your keyword terms. I will not be giving an in-depth, technical tutorial on the subject. I will concentrate on the things you need to get right. Things like, what are keywords, what are adwords, understanding SEO, page ranking factors, page rank, understanding keyword density, SEO best practices, in other words, how SEO works and SEO made easy.

My History of SEO

Having had this website for some time and getting everything SEO incorrect, (yes you read that correctly, I totally screwed things up) I felt the need to create my own SEO section where all of the information I’ve discovered about search engine optimisation could be found by other newbies, online marketers and small business entrepreneurs.

·        Learn SEO the easy way by understanding and focusing on the most important search engine ranking factors …

So, read on and explore the different areas of this topic to gain an in depth understanding of just what SEO is and how using a series of SEO Tools and focusing on link indexing can get your website to the top of the search engines for any market which you decide to do keyword research for.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

For those of you who still haven’t got your heads around Search engine optimisation, I’d like to offer a quick overview.

  • Firstly, SEO is simply when your website is listed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The most import Google, gives your web site a ranking factor and places it in a ranking system based on its content or more accurately the keywords ranking with Google’s search bot.
  • Secondly, SEO is simply a process which is used by Small Business Entrepreneurs and website owners to increase their website rankings in the search engines.
  • The simple ways to help you boost your SEO ranking include having good page titles, including meta keywords (though Google doesn’t use these other search engines do) and making your web site easy to navigate.
  • SEO is really just about keeping the content of your web site relevant and fresh. Google particularly likes constantly updated and fresh content.

Free Keyword Research Tools, Webmaster tools

To begin, I’d like to point you towards some Free Keyword Research Tools and webmaster tools in particular Google Webmaster tools (Google Adwords) and Bing Webmaster tools. These are a great starting point and will help you to learn more about SEO. Then try the Google Analytics tools where you can analyse who’s visiting your website, how they are finding you and how often they’re viewing your web pages.




The Bottom Line…

By carefully researching target keywords, and applying the simple process of SEO to your website, you can have a continuous flow of customers visiting your website every single day. The added bonus of using SEO is that you will not have to pay to continue to receive this traffic. You simply need to maintain the SEO process for your website to continue to enjoy high search engine rankings and daily visitor volumes. is hosted on JustHost

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