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To many online marketers, website designers and small business SEO seems to be a difficult and complicated process to master and understand fully. This is hardly surprising when you consider the mystique surrounding the keyword algorithms used by search engines, particularly the Google algorithm, and the search engine optimisation research needed to obtain good search engine ranking factors.

Is it really that complex?

In this series of articles I will answer many of the questions you have regarding SEO and the best strategies for ranking your website for your keyword terms. I will not be giving an in-depth, technical tutorial on the subject. I will concentrate on the things you need to get right. Things like, what are keywords, what are adwords, understanding SEO, page ranking factors, page rank, understanding keyword density, SEO best practices, in other words, how SEO works and SEO made easy.

If you have any particular topic you would like to discuss, then please leave a comment below.

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