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Samurai Stealth Cloaker – Unrivalled Protection for Your Affiliate Commission

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King Solutions Fine Design

Samurai Stealth Cloaker – Unrivalled Protection for Your Affiliate Commission

(Update: This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

No matter what level you are at in affiliate marketing, it has become vital to use some form of affiliate link cloaking. Samurai Stealth Cloaker provides unrivalled protection for all your affiliate links. The end result is an increase in affiliate profits and security of your affiliate marketing business for life.

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Ask Yourself Two Serious Questions

Before reading the rest of this article, I’d like to ask you a couple of serious questions:

  • Do you wonder why your affiliate commissions are so small or even zero?
  • Are you losing up to 90% of your commissions to thieves and link snoopers who substitute or bypass your affiliate links?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is, Yes, then your in for a pleasant surprise. A solution to your problems.

What is Samurai Stealth Cloaker?

Samurai Stealth Cloaker is the latest product release from online marketing guru Mike Andrews. There have been many attempts at creating a complete affiliate cloaking solution, but all have failed until now.

Samurai Stealth Cloaker allows users to cloak their affiliate links using 3 methods.

3 Cloaking Methods used by Samurai Stealth Cloaker

  • Basic redirect (cloak your affiliate links and redirects as normal),
    This is the easiest and the weakest redirect.
    A separate HTML page is created with a META and/or javascript redirect to send the visitor directly to the destination page.
  • Masked Frame redirect (cloaks your affiliate link and shows original merchant URL),
    This method makes use of a hidden frame to conceal the eventual destination. It’s just a basic redirect concealed in a frame to give the effect that the visitor is still on the same website.
  • Stealth redirect (cloaks your affiliate link and redirects visitors to any page you wish, i.e. the merchants sales page).
    This method takes your client through the affiliate link, but also keeps control so you can also send them to your own sales copy page, directly to the merchant payment page or to an opt-in page.

Setup time for Samurai Stealth Cloaker is less than 5 minutes and you can manage all your affiliate links from the one domain.

What Sets Samurai Stealth Cloaker Apart?

What sets Samurai Stealth Cloaker apart from the competition is the ability to direct visitors straight from your affiliate site to the merchant’s payment page. As far as I know, this technique has never been done before!

Within seconds you can create a Stealth Cloaked Link which will direct your visitor straight to the payment page of your merchant’s site, or any other page as the “Link Bypasses” will be cut out of the loop.

What are Samurai Stealth Cloaker Benefits

Here are some key benefits of Samurai Stealth Cloaker:

  • 100% Protection For All Your Affiliate Links
  • Fast Set Up & Link Creation Time – Create Cloaked Links In Seconds
  • Unique Stealth Cloaking- Direct Visitors Straight To Payment Page
  • Earn More Money – Completely eliminate the risk of losing commissions
  • Portability – Create & Edit Your Links Wherever You Are
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 Days Unconditional

Wary Shoppers and Affiliate Vultures!

Like most of us in affiliate marketing, you have a collection of landing pages, review websites and niche websites. You’ve probably spent a huge amount of time and effort in creating and promoting them.

Well, here’s an insight you may not have realised:

  • You may be losing a large share of your commissions to wary shoppers and affiliate vultures!

Personally, I didn’t believe this at first, but after a little research I discovered it was unfortunately very real. As you know, you only get paid when your client purchases through your affiliate link. But if the client sees your unprocessed affiliate link they can simply delete everything but the merchant’s URL and go directly to the site. This means you don’t get your commission.

  • What’s worse is when a fellow affiliate recognizes your affiliate link, swaps your affiliate ID for theirs and steals your commission.

About Stealth Links

Unfortunately, simple HTML cloaking scripts don’t offer a great deal of stealth after your client has clicked on a link. So even if they didn’t know the affiliate link before clicking, after clicking they can still see your affiliate code. For example you might be cloaking your affiliate link with code that looks like this:

  • http://yourwebsite.com/product/

but after your client clicks the link this appears on their browsers address bar:

  • http://www.merchantsite.com/?hop=yourid

So revealing your true nature as an affiliate marketer.

Samurai Stealth Cloaker encrypts all the code that is generated so the client doesn’t see your affiliate link at all. This means your outgoing links are completely and fully protected even if they try to look at your HTML code.

Samurai Stealth Cloaker totally eliminates your affiliate identity. You are no longer perceived as an affiliate marketer trying to make a quick buck selling somebody else’s product. Instead you are seen as an honest and credible reviewer.

Wary Customers Ignore or Bypass Your Link

Most web savvy people know what an affiliate link looks like these days as the vast majority of affiliate links given to you by merchants or affiliate networks are so obviously affiliate links. People recognise most affiliate link URLs instantly. Links such as:


give the game away too easily. This has effect that potential customers become wary of buying and either totally ignore your link or bypass it, because, lets face it, the link looks like it could be some sort of scam. Wary customers ignore or bypass your link! A lost sale for you!

Your Affiliate Network Revealed

With your affiliate link clearly on display other affiliates are able to take advantage of this, by determining which network you are with and stealing your commission by replacing your affiliate link. This is especially prevalent is Ebook distribution.

Google and Affiliate Marketers

As you may know, Google does not look too favourably upon affiliate marketers and has policies in place in their adwords system to limit your ads being displayed. This means you get less exposure and less traffic so reducing your sales. This alone is a good reason not to use exposed affiliate links.

High Conversion Rates is the Name of The Game

Samurai Stealth Cloaker hides the fact that you are an affiliate marketer trying to make a commission from the clients purchase. Those making lots of money at affiliate marketing conceal their marketer credentials and try to appear as plain old reviewers who like the product they are endorsing.

  • Pro marketers conceal the fact they will be getting a commission.

High conversion rates is the name of the game. A very small change in your conversion rate can make the difference between hundreds of dollars in commissions per month or thousands of dollars of commissions per month!

Hide those ClickBank, CJ Affiliate and Shareasale affiliate links on your landing pages and websites using Samurai Stealth Cloaker. Don’t scare off wary customers by having spammer type links to affiliate URLs.

The Problem of Low Converting Merchant Product Sales Pages

How many time have you sent a client to low converting merchant product sales page and lost the sale because the merchants page is badly constructed or badly written. You’ve done your job, the client wants to buy, but the merchant puts them off with bad advertising.

Solution! Have your links go straight to the merchants sales page? With Samurai Stealth Cloaker you can do just that, bypass the merchants squeeze page and go straight for the sale. Take advantage of this ingenious and superior affiliate link cloaker. Start putting that commission back into your pocket.

Common Redirect Script Methods

Many people use a simple HTML redirect script for their link cloaking. With this technique you create a HTML file containing a redirect script to the squeeze page. This works fine if you don’t mind spending hours manually creating redirects for all your links. It’s very basic cloaking and is easily detected. These common, simple methods using HTML, Javascript and PHP are as follows:

HTML Redirect Script


<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE“>



Javascript Redirect Script


onmouseover=”window.status=’http://www.companyname.com‘; return true;”

onmouseout=”window.status=”; return true;”>

Click Here</a>


PHP Redirect Script

<? header(“Location:YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE“); ?>


If this type of redirection is all you need then you do not need to purchase Samurai Stealth Cloaker.

If you do want better cloaking technology, the alternative is to purchase Samurai Stealth Cloaking software to automatically generate your cloaked links in seconds.

Get Amazing Power and Flexibility

  • Send The Visitor Directly To The Payment Page.
    You can put “Buy Now” buttons anywhere.
  • Send The Visitor To Your Own Custom Sales Page!
    Offer bonuses and incentives.
  • Build Your Own List (Instead Of The Merchants).
    Once they are in your list, you can send them directly to the payment page.
  • Extremely Easy To Install.
    Upload one file to your domain hosting space,
    Update file permissions if necessary.
    Just five minutes to install.
  • It’s Secure, Your Links Are Protected.
  • Easily Transfer Cloaked Affiliate Links to Another Site.
    Simply uploading one file to the new domain.
  • Flexible Cloaking Options.
    You can create any one of three different types of cloaked link.
    Basic redirect, Masked Frame redirect and Stealth redirect.

Samurai Stealth Cloaker


(Update: This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Congratulations on making the right decision, get your copy of Samurai Stealth Cloaker by clicking here

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