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Make Money from Your Passion – HubPages Review

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Make Money from Your Passion – HubPages Review

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Do you have a passion about something? Do you want to share that passion? Do you want to make money from it? Well I’m going to tell you how to share your passion with others, make money online from it and all without needing your own web site. An idea work from home opportunity.

What is HubPages

HubPages is a website which allows you to publish your own material on their site.

  • Their web pages are called hubs just to confuse you, I suppose that’s where the name HubPages came from!

In exchange for this service you share any revenue made from advertising on the site with the company. In other words, a user-generated revenue sharing website (more on this later).

HubPages allows you to write about your passions, share them, promote them, and post related advertising that generates income for both you and the company.

Your articles, Your Passion

You can write articles and create topics about almost anything, your pets, fishing, cooking, health, wealth, life and death. The list is endless. If you’re a budding author and need practice writing shorts stories (or even a full novel) you can do that as well. Let your readers give you their honest opinion.

  • There are a number of "real world" published authors who write at HubPages – their foray into the post-print world possibly!

HubPages hubs contain a variety of categories and topics you can choose from. So spread your knowledge and get the word out, promote yourself and your businesses along the way. Make money from the comfort of your own home.

This is a great source for hobbyists, enthusiasts and small business owners. Get your information out to the masses, and generate interest in your passion and expertise. Think of the additional friend you could make or clients you could meet.

Content That Makes Money

Write content that’s in demand. Although chatting/writing about your pets or your garden is fun you won’t make much money from it. On the other hand if you write an article/chat about how you solved a problem you had with your pet or garden, especially if you used a particular product, you may well be in the cash.

  • Solving problems and providing solutions is a money spinner.

Timeless Content

When creating your content try to make it timeless. Content such as, "how to remove flees from your dog" or "how to grow perfect roses". Seasonal hubs work well as the same products can be promoted year after year.

  • There are no tell tale dates on hubs so a well written hub may never need revising.

Obscurity Stays Obscure

Writing about obscure topics which you may love may be satisfying but rarely makes money. An article on, "The Life of the Earth Worm" will not have as many readers as an article on, "How to Make Your Man Do Anything For You".

Do You Have a Website?

Most people create lenses on a certain topic and link them to other lenses in related categories, eventually creating a nice little web empire. But, these same methods work for your Website if you have one. You can write hubs relating to your own site and so promote your website or blog.

Google tends to favour this type of site so you can generally get your hub page and hence your links, indexed in under 48 hours if you offer quality content. This is amazing opportunity to target niche markets and experiment with different long tail and medium tail keyword terms that you think may be profitable.

The Pros of HubPages

  • Free and very easy to use.
  • Transparent revenue sharing model.
  • A very easy to use interface which even real beginners with no knowledge of web design can use.
  • Allows users to create multimedia pages.
  • Allows RSS feeds videos and images.
  • You don’t have to keep updating your pages as you would with a blog.

The Cons of HubPages

  • You need to have your own affiliate sign up to Adsense, Amazon, eBay and Kontera to make money from these sources.

How Much Can You Earn

HubPages is free for you, the author to use. The deal is simple, HubPages earn their money by splitting advertising revenues from affiliates with you. HubPages gets 40% and the author, that’s you, gets 60%.

  • Affiliates include Google, EBay, Amazon and any others you select. You personal affiliate links are also allowed on the site.

Depending upon the product and the advertising affiliate, the average takings per sale is somewhere between $0.10 to $50.00. Even with that, there are still many people making good money out of HubPages. My research seems to indicate around $300 to $1000 per month if your good!


HubPages is indexed, i.e. ranked, on all the major search engines including Google and Yahoo, the two most popular. This means your hub could be viewed by thousands of potential readers if you have a popular topic. HubPages also has tools and promotional method with Twitter, FaceBook etc., so your fans can be notified when you post a new hub. Instant traffic for you!

Signing Up

Join HubPages to earn extra money.

HubPages has become a most appreciated and popular site. Google ranks hubs very well and the hub community is one of the strongest and most vibrant on the Internet. Interested, then take a look, after all it costs you nothing and may very well fund your passion.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to let me have your thoughts in the comment box below. See you soon.

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  1. HubPages is awesome. I’ve written a huge article about my top HubPages Adsense tips – earn those pay checks.

  2. I love HubPages and the fact that it does not require me to get an approval from admin before publishing makes it even more attractive.

    • Although you don’t have to get initial permission, there are rules you must follow and if you break them your article will be removed.

  3. As a felllow Hubber I appreciate this article very much. Thanks for sharing your insights into the HubPages site.

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