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Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia Review – Which Should You Use?

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Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia Review – Which Should You Use?

Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia Review

Let me begin by saying that both Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia are both excellent windows screen capture tools. Both applications are capable of producing professional training demonstrations, but as with all things, each has their strengths and weaknesses . Sometimes one can work better for you than the other depending upon the type of e-Learning presentation you are creating.

These e-Learning software applications are two of the most widely used educational development tools in the industry.

Both applications can be used for windows screen capture demos, screencast demos, video capture and screen recording.

In this article I will try and point out the differences between the two applications, advance an opinion (which you may disagree with if you wish) on their suitability for purpose as well as tips on how to decide which one is best suited for developing your e-Learning presentations and training programs.

  • Note: Although you can capture streaming video with these applications that is not there primary purpose. If you want screen capture video software try something else, the Firefox DownLoadHelper add-on for example.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Lets begin by posing the following questions regarding Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia:

  • Are you creating a full-motion, windows video screen capturing software demonstration?
  • Do you need an interactive, software simulation?
  • Does the “student” need feedback, i.e. a score?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are the goals and objectives of the simulation?
  • What is your budget?

Facilities of Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia

Both of these applications can:

  • Record screen and keyboard activity as you type.
  • Integrate audio and video to produce professional training demonstrations.
  • Allow learners to click on hot-spots to move to a different part of the program.
  • Allow quizzing which is SCORM and AICC compliant.

Adobe Captivate is best for…

  • Screen capture software demonstrations.
  • Interactive simulations
  • Complex software demonstrations.
  • Training programs which allow learners to branch to different paths.
  • Extensive, flexible hotspots with logic.
  • Varied assessment questions with scoring and reporting capabilities including:
    Fill-in the Blank,
    Short Answer,
    Hot-Spot and Sequence.

TechSmith Camtasia is best for…

  • Full-motion software demonstrations.
  • Full motion screen capture demonstrations
  • Streaming video.
  • Limited hotspots.
  • Limited scored quizzing including Multiple Choice and Fill-in the blank.

Cost and Budget Considerations

How much does Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia applications cost?

So price wise there is not much in it. If you are an educationalist or a student then discounts are available for both products. TechSmith Camtasia gives a 40% discount whilst Adobe are giving an impressive 80% discounts at the time of writing.

Answers, Answers, Answers

So, to answer the questions I posed at the beginning:

  • Are you creating a full-motion, video capture software demonstration?
    Both Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia will allow you to do this but Camtasia does have the edge for full-motion video capture.
  • Do you need an interactive, software simulation?
    Here, Captivate is the best choice. It offers you the most flexibility.
  • Does the “student” need feedback, i.e. a score?
    Captivate is the winner here.
  • Who is your audience?
    If you are producing software demonstrations using screen capture requiring no user interaction then Camtasia has the edge.
    If you are producing any form of demonstration type software for education or industry then Captivate wins.
  • What are the goals and objectives of the simulation?
    Camtasia for quick, screen capture demos, Captivate for everything else.
  • What is your budget?
    There was a huge difference in price for these products at one time but now the price for both products is comparable. The additional feature of Captivate more than outweigh the difference and if you are an educationalist, you get a better discount from Captivate.

Adobe Captivate vs TechSmith Camtasia?

Both TechSmith Camtasia and Adobe Captivate are available with a 30-day free trial download. This is a great way to experiment and try both applications.

  • Consider using Camtasia if you’re aim is developing quick, full-motion, professional videos which demonstrate software functionality for distribution over the Internet, via YouTube for example.
  • Consider using Captivate to create both online and offline interactive, software simulations to engage the learner. If you intend integrating your e-Learning experiences with other Adobe products (Flash for example) then Captivate is a must.

What’s my favourite? I like them both, but, Captivate is my preferred choice. I find that with a little perseverance it will do everything Camtasia does plus you get all the interactivity as a bonus (if you see what I mean). All of the screen demos I’ve produced for youTube and the video demon on my web sites were produced with Captivate.

If you are only going to produce YouTube video demos then Camtasia is probably easier to learn but if you are likely to expand your horizons then Captivate will probably be more than worth the effort.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to let me have your thoughts. See you soon. is hosted on JustHost

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