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Top 10 Membership Models with WishList Member (Video)

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Top 10 Membership Models with WishList Member Introduction

When designing your membership site, you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of flexibility because not all membership sites are made the same.

In this video with Stu McLaren, WishList Products co-founder, you’ll discover 10 different membership models you can quickly implement using WishList Member.

The 10 Membership Models

Model #1: The Publisher Model

With the drip-feed or publisher membership model, new content is added regularly so there is no ‘final lesson’. This is the most common type of membership site.

This membership model would generally have monthly payments and no specific membership length or termination date.

This is very much like an online magazine where your members have access to not only the current articles and resources but all previous articles as well.

  • Bard)

Model #2: UPS Model

With this model you provide a package of products to your members each period, i.e., monthly.

  • Morin)

Model #3: Micro Continuity or Fixed Term

Top 10 Membership Models

This is a fixed term membership model. The term being determined by your particular requirements, i.e. one month, six months, a year, etc. This models fixed term can encourage members to join because they can see when the course (for example) will finish. The micro continuity model can persuade members to complete the full course and because your customers can see an end, actually increases conversion.

Model #4: Modular Course

The modular course is any type of training course which is broken down into modules where members progress through the modules systematically.

Your basically deliver a of a service, such as an online coaching programme, where a private area is needed for accompanying videos, downloads etc.

The course would be set to automatically move members through each module periodically (i.e., weekly) or only after they pass a test. The test ensures members have consumed, implemented and understood the material before moving them on to the next level.

Model #5: Protected Download

If you sell any type of digital product online the protected download model is recommended. This enables only members to download the product. So simply put, a person becomes a member and gets a password to access the product. This helps eliminate digital theft and giving you, the owner, a lot more control.


Model #6: Project Management

The project management model is for virtual teams. Members have controlled access to particular private areas of the site relevant to their role and to shared areas of the site.

Model #7: The Online Community

A community membership blog where like minded people can discuss a topic and help each other.

Members gain access to private forums, messaging systems or private online groups, usually based around a specific topic.

  • Mutrie)

Model #8: Private Members Area

As the name would suggest this is a private members site where you must be registered member to join.

This membership model would generally have annual payments and no specific membership length or termination date.

  • McLaren)

Model #9: Personal Coaching

This is basically a private coaching area on your site for each individual client or group of clients. This gives a very personal hands-on approach to coaching for the client, a one-to-one approach.

The personal coaching members area could be offered to those having problems with a modular course or service (Membership Model #4).

Model #10: The Mongrel Combo

Why use only one membership model? The mongrel combo model is a mix of any or all the models. A hybrid of the different membership models designed to meet your specific needs.


Top 10 Membership Models with WishList Member

00:08 (01) Publisher Model
01:02 (02)UPS Model
01:58 (03) Micro Continuity Model
02:50 (04) Modular Model
03:46 (05) Protected Download Model
04:40 (06) Project Management Model
05:12 (07) Community Model
05:46 (08) Private Members Model
06:38 (09) Coaching Site Model
07:21 (10) Combo Model
07:45 (–) Recap


Top 10 Membership Models with WishList Member Conclusion

Chances are, after watching this WishList Products video you’ll think of even more “types” of membership models. If so, let us know by leaving your comments below.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this video, please do not hesitate to let me have them in the comment box below. is hosted on JustHost

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