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Membership Registration Page and Membership Join-Us Page Difference

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What’s the Difference Between a Membership Registration Page and a Membership Join-Us Page?

Membership Registration Page and Membership Join-Us Page Difference

Typical Pages Required for a Membership Site

  • Squeeze page (landing page)
  • Membership Join-Us page
  • Membership Registration page
  • Membership Login page
  • Password Reset page
  • Edit Profile page


Membership Registration Process Overview

The following points show a typical membership registration process:

  1. Visitors click a “Join-Us Link”. This link could be on any “Free” page of your site, another site, a paid advertisement, etc.
  2. The “Join-Us Link” takes them to your “Membership Join-Us Page” where you explain all the different types of membership you offer, i.e., Free, Silver, Gold, Premium.
  3. Clicking the “Free Membership” option should take them the membership registration page. Anyone arriving at this page directly gets to sign up for a free membership (if you allow free membership).
  4. Clicking a “Paid Membership” option takes them to a payment gateway for the appropriate membership access level.
  5. Once Payment is confirmed, the appropriate membership account for this user is created (according to the payment).
  6. The member will receive an email containing a “confirmation” link to complete the registration.
  7. With registration confirmed they will be taken to a membership registration page where they must choose a secure “username” and “password” for their account.
  8. With these steps complete, the member can log into the membership site.

Forcing members to chose a secure password is a good idea (in my opinion) as insecure passwords not only cause potential problems for the member but also for the membership site. This is far better than giving them a randomly generated username and password.

Which Page to Send Visitors?

When a visitor lands on your site they fall into one of two categories:

  1. The visitor is already a member.
  2. The visitor is a non-member.

If the visitor is a member they should be sent straight to the “Login Page” (usually via a Login link).

If the visitor is a “non-member” then you have no idea if this visitor wants to be a member or not. They should therefore be sent to the “Join-Us Page” (usually via a Join-Us link) that lists all the available membership benefits and options. They can then choose their next step.

What is a Squeeze Page (Landing Page)?

A squeeze page is a landing page created to solicit opt-in responses from prospective subscribers. Squeeze pages are used extensively in email marketing to persuade visitors to relinquish their email addresses.

  • Those annoying pop-ups that interrupt your reading with an offer advertising a free product if you enter your email address are typical squeeze pages.

It’s called a “squeeze page” because the customer is intentionally squeezed through a sales funnel to a landing page or their email address is squeezed out of them.

What is a Membership Join-Us Page

The membership Join-Us Page is the page where you will send potential members.

The “Join Up Page” is where non-members will be sent to find out what your site is about, what membership options you offer and how each of the membership options can benefits them. Think of the, membership Join-Us Page as your “Start Page”. It’s the page where you want visitors to land when they are interested in your content so guide them accordingly.

The “Join-Us Page” is your chance to entice visitors into joining your membership site.

The page should detail;

  • what kind of content they can expect to get as a member,
  • why they should join and become a member,
  • the type of membership site you are running,
  • the different membership options (levels) you have available,
  • the benefits of each membership option offered,
  • how much each membership option costs,
  • how membership of your site will benefit them,
  • and so on …

You should try to answer as many of the above questions as possible on your membership Join-Us page. You should also place the payment buttons (call to action buttons) for each of the different membership options prominently on your Join-Us page.

If you are offering a “Free” membership option, then the call to action button for that membership option should just be a link directly to the “Registration” page. If someone goes to the membership registration page without paying, they should be offered a free membership account.

What is the Membership Registration Page

As you might expect, the membership registration page is where new members register their personal details and create a username and password for site access.

The membership registration page should have a registration form where the visitor can enter the required membership information, i.e., name, email, username, password, etc. to register/create an account.

This is not a Member Profile page. Information relating to gathering member profiles should be accomplished elsewhere.

The Difference Between a Membership Registration Page and a Membership Join-Us Page Final Thoughts

Well I hope this clarifies the differences and page requirements for your membership site.

If you are looking for a WordPress membership site plugin then take a look here.

If you have any comment, corrections or items you think should be added to this article, please do not hesitate to let me have them in the comment box below.

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