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OpenX Ad Server – Who or What?

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OpenX Ad Server – Who or What?

OpenX is a fast, robust, ad serving solution to power all your digital advertising.

With over 50,000 publishers serving more than 300 billion ads per month, OpenX is the largest publisher-side ad server in the world.




OpenX versions

OpenX Server Solutions

The OpenX ad server solutions deliver world-class ad serving functionality, backed by OpenX support and professional services.

  • Allows any publisher to sell directly to ad buyers through a real-time auction with no entry fee or technology integration required.
  • Allows any publisher to sell directly to major real-time bidders.
  • Seamlessly combines ad serving and ad network optimization across all revenue channels.
  • It’s flexible.

How much time do you spend managing the details of low-value campaigns? With OpenX Enterprise’s, no ad management solution you can manage your ad service holisticly by optimizing of all of your ad channels in one place. The seamless integration of the OpenX solution allows publishers to participate in real-time selling to major ad buyers, with no entry fee.

Seamless Integration With Three Goals

  1. Generate more revenue from optimizing ads;
  2. Cut ad serving costs;
  3. Streamline ad serving and optimization to generate more profit.

Features and Benefits

The following is just some of the features and befits of using OpenX

  • Once stop shop. One integrated ad serving and ad revenue optimization platform does it all.
  • Easy to use, risk-free way to earn higher ad revenues.
  • Uses real-time bidding to over 300 major ad buyers to find the highest paying ads for your site.
  • Maximises your time and your revenue by automating the ad process.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Prioritization settings for competing campaigns.
  • eCPM optimization.
  • Daily impression limits.
  • Campaign and ad based frequency capping.
  • Third party click tracking.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Multiple media type options.
  • Extensive reporting options.
  • Reliable.


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