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Make Your Article TITLE Sell – How to make your own articles make money

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Make Your Article TITLE Sell – How to make your own articles make money

Stop wasting your time producing dozens of high quality articles that will only reach a small proportion of their traffic potential. A good title determines the success of your article.

90% Success Rate is in the Title

Anyone schooled in traditional copywriting will tell you, the headline determines as much as 90% of the success of the book or article. This statistic takes into consideration the actual sale of the book, not just people browsing. The Internet is a whole different story because of the way your articles reach those who have an interest in them.

Most people will read your articles because they came to your website and started browsing, just as they do in a local book store. Right!

Wrong! Most people search the Internet using one of the major search engines using between 1 to 5 keywords related to the topic of the article or information they are trying to locate. The search engines will then deliver results that best match the query.

Your goal is to have your articles show up in the search engine results for the keywords and topics that are most related to the content of your article, preferably on the first page.

So a good title, rich in keywords for search engines is extremely important. Get the title right and you will get customers.

Title Creation & Traffic-Building Truth

The first 3-5 words of your TITLE determine the success of your article in terms of how much traffic your article will generate for your website. Success will be achieved when you create keyword rich titles for your articles that match the most commonly searched keywords for your topic.

How to determine which keywords are rich and the right ones to use for your article?

You’ll need a keyword research tool, either free or fee-based, it’s critical that you learn know how to do keyword research. Google’s FREE keyword tools are extremely good, have a try at Google Suggest or Google Adwords.

Good vs. Bad Title Example

Here is an example of the difference between a poor, non-keyword rich title and a keyword rich title which has proven to perform better in terms of traffic creation.

Bad Title Example

Here are the Top 10 Ways You Can Acquire Fractional Jet Ownership

Excellent Keyword Rich Title Example

Fractional Jet Ownership – 10 Strategies to Help You Acquire Your Private Jet Flights

Why is the Keyword Rich Title is more Effective?

The keyword rich title does not waste the first 3 to 5 words of the title with meaningless garbage. Words like, "here, are, the, top, way, you and can" or the number "10" are not keywords. Don’t dilly dally with your titles, get right to the point. Use the important words, words used by someone using a search engine to research a topic related to your article.

Try Reading just the first 3 to 5 words of you Title, does it make Sense?

You’ll notice in the example that the words "Private" and "Flights" were included. Why? Because my keyword research using Google Adwords showed "Private Jet" and "Flights Jet" were two of the highest searches done by people. Adding these word to the title will help boost the chances of the title being found by a larger number of potential visitors.

Don’t include Garbage Characters in your Title

Garbage characters such as quotes, hashes, tildes, asterisks or anything else a search engines will simply discard in order to understand the title of your article are simply a waste and may cause the search engines to conclude an incorrect title for your article. Keep it simple.

Do not Engage in Spam Techniques

Do not engage in any search engine spam technique by having keyword rich titles that have nothing to do with the topic of your article. Search engines aggressively filter out bad behavior like this and will penalize you for your efforts.

Your Keyword Rich Title Copywriting Conclusion

To maximize the results for your article marketing strategy, you must master keyword research and create keyword rich and intelligent article titles. Your reward will be massive amounts of traffic to your articles and website. Search engines who love smart keyword rich titles.


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