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Landing Page Mistakes Equal Poor Conversion Rates

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Landing Page Mistakes Equal Poor Conversion Rates

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In online marketing a landing page, or lead capture page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement link. The landing page should display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.

Here are the most common mistakes people make in their landing pages and, possibly more importantly, how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The Headline – The Attention Grabber

Landing pages live or die by the quality of their headlines. The headline gives you, the author, a few milliseconds to grab the readers attention. That’s a really brief period to overcome the swift and brutal psychological filters we’ve all developed in this world of information overload.

A good headline alone can boost the effectiveness of your landing page, and may even negate some of the mistakes outlined below.

  • Try split-testing different headlines. It’s painless, and can bring you much higher conversion rates compared with other tweaks.

Using Your Regular Site Design

If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress, this means you’re using a design theme for the visual presentation of your site(s).

While a theme design is fine for your blog and general pages, when it comes your landing pages this has to change.

  • Your landing page must have a singular focus on a specific action.

The typical sidebar and header approach has to go, all of that extraneous stuff causes confusion, distraction, and reduced conversions. Lose the clutter and create the simplest, cleanest page possible for landing pages.

Ask for One Specific Action

What do you normally do when you a presented with a plethora of choices? Like most of us you probably defer the decision to another time and move on.

  • The idea that more choices make people happier is simply wrong. More choices simply confuse.

Don’t ask potential customers to chose between multiple items. Keep it simple, one page, one item. When given multiple options, the decision for most people is not to choose at all.

  • An effective landing page asks for one specific action, and that’s it.

And don’t forget to actually clearly ask for that one specific action, failing to do so is an even bigger conversion killer.

Landing Page Aesthetics

If your landing page looks bad it will be perceived as bad. What’s your reaction when you find a really bad landing page? Do you try to fathom the meaning of the marketing message or do you simple close the page and move on?

  • I’ll bet you close the page within 5 seconds and move on!

Poor graphics, bad fonts, garish colours, cheap looking highlights and silly clip art do not make for better conversions.

  • Poor page design destroys your credibility.

Great landing pages use fonts, colours, and visuals that are tailored specifically to the audience and action you desire, thereby enhancing the viewers experience and boosting conversions.

Premature Expulsion, Intriguing, Compelling Copy

Did you know that most visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold? That doesn’t mean your visitors won’t scroll down the page, it means you have to persuade then to scroll down.

  • You can’t take it for granted visitors will scroll down the page (instead of leaving).

Don’t be lazy about grabbing and holding your visitors attention. Don’t assume they will instantly realise the benefit of your fantastic offer. Look at your landing page from the visitors perspective and give them intriguing, compelling copy.

Poorly Matched Promises

Finally the worst problem of all, poorly-matched promises.

Your headline is making a promise, an enticement. You headlines should accurately reflect the content of the landing page and not mislead your potential customer.

  • How do you feel if search for a specific topic, say about, children’s parties, only to be taken to a page about sex aids? Not too happy I would imagine.

Don’t try to "con" your visitor into buying a product they don’t want. This tactic has been proven not to work time and time again. Just look at any good retailer. They don’t mislead their customers. Repeat custom and custom by "word of mouth" is worth far more than a "one off" purchase.


Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to let me have your thoughts in the comment box below. See you soon. is hosted on JustHost

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