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How to Install Google Custom Search Engine in WordPress – Part 1

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How to Install Google Custom Search Engine in WordPress – Part 1

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Until recently I’d never actually tried to use the default WordPress search engine, and I can say with almost certainty that I will not be using it again. My experience was ghastly, the search optimisation is terrible as is the search results presentation. If I’m wrong and there’s a better way to configure the search, please, someone let me know. So anyway, I looked around and found a Google Custom Search Engine Plugin for WordPress which I decided could not be any worse that the WordPress offering.

The plugin, by Aleem Bawany, is the usual drop-in replacement plugin that we have all come to expect with WordPress and replaces the default WordPress search. You will need to have WordPress 2.7 or better installed and sign up with Google to implement the search engine, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing anyway as you may possibly make a little money from the click though Google ads placed on the search results screen.

Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) Install

Installation consists of two parts, getting and configuring GCSE and copying the results code to the GCSE plugin and creating a results page. is hosted on JustHost

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