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Favourite Site Building Platforms of Entrepreneurs Revealed

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Entrepreneurs Favourite Site Building Platforms and Best Tips to Stand Out

Entrepreneurs Favourite Site Building Platforms

If you are looking to create a website and run an online business then you will undoubtedly be asking the following questions:

1) Which site building platform should I select for my blog?

2) What are the costs involved in running my site?

3) How do I make my website different in a competitive niche?

Unfortunately, giving you the right answers is not easy as each person and business has different needs and requirements. To help you decide here are some entrepreneurs favourite site building platforms.

Favourite Site Building Platform Results

I’m not going to make you wait for the results till the end of the article so here are a the favourite site building platforms as voted for by 126 experienced entrepreneurs :



Entrepreneurs Favourite Site Building Platform Results


Read on for the entrepreneurs mutual reasoning behind these results plus their collective views and insights on this topic.

WordPress.org CMS

WordPress is the newbie friendly, industry standard, so you can’t really go wrong if you choose this CMS platform. It’s free, open-source and incredibly flexible with thousands of free and premium plugins and themes available.

  • The only downside is the steep learning curve, plus, to get the best out of the system you will need to be “hands on” and learn a little CSS and possibly some HTML and PHP. Allow a couple of months to get the hang of things if you’re new to blogging.

Unless you are going employ a site developer you will need to purchase your own domain name (which you would have to buy anyway) and get a hosting provider.

Site Optimisation and SEO

With WordPress, you can easily set up and optimize your site for SEO, without having to be tech savvy or a programmer.

  • If you didn’t already know, search engine traffic via SEO is the best form of traffic you can possibly get. The search engine is sending you people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Loading times, typography, style, layout, design etc, will ultimately be important to your site’s overall conversion rate. With the flexibility of WordPress, the right plugins and an elegant theme, you can easily customize your site to make it stand out and improve your overall conversion rate.

Quality Support

A really good reason for using WordPress is the amount of quality support and resources freely available from the community of users. Most people really can setup their site in a day and learn how to build an effective website within a couple of months.

Getting Started with WordPress

Getting started with WordPress is also easy and inexpensive:

  • Get a good domain name
  • Create a hosting account
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a good “responsive” theme.

Many bloggers have migrated from Blogger, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.com to WordPress.org and wished they started with WordPress.org from the beginning!

Shopify, Bigcommerce

Don’t want to learn programming and all that hosting mumbo-jumbo. Just want to get on with creating an online store and start selling. Well for all your eCommerce and dropshipping stores try Shopify or Bigcommerce because they directly make you money.


  • Shopify: There’s a lot that goes into running an online store. Shopify is a turn-key ecommerce solution that provides everything you need to setup and start selling your products to the world, even dropshipping.
  • Bigcommerce: More traffic, higher conversion and unmatched performance for your online store. According to research by Ipsos, Bigcommerce merchants grow nearly twice as fast as the ecommerce industry average.


Suggestions for Bloggers Looking to Stand Out

Just do it! Don’t wait until you feel you are ready. There is so much to learn, especially if you have no background in blogging, building, designing and operating a website that you’ll never be ready if you wait.

Start with writing. Fancy graphics, audio and video presentation, etc., are all great but don’t really matter if you can’t build an audience through useful blog posts. Be honest and as helpful as possible to your readers, that’s the only way to build a loyal following. Block out all the noise (SEO and social media) when first starting and just focus on writing.

  • Make your content: useful, controversial and/or emotionally appealing.

To stand out as a beginner, don’t worry about beautiful themes or graphics, worry about putting out great content. Even if you have one of the ugliest blogs in the entrepreneurial scene, with a great story to tell and great content, visitors will always come back for more.

  • A mistake many beginners make is casting their net too wide, start with a small net – a very narrow niche – and then as you gain more authority you can cast a wider net.

Do what you do best. If you are comfortable with a camera, add videos to your website. If you are comfortable speaking, start a podcast. If you like writing, write. Just do it and stop worrying about what others are doing.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is really important. Who are they? What do they need? What do they care about?

  • So, how do you stand out in your niche? Find out what people are searching for in your niche and write about it.

Your blog, website or store is not about you, it’s about them. You’re catering for their needs. Be personal.

Bottom Line

The best way to learn is to actually build and launch instead of tweaking endlessly. WordPress allows almost anyone to develop a website simply and quickly and still make it look amazing.

Love what you do, commit to the process, do it with passion, never stop learning, stay focused and stay the course. Success will follow.

Entrepreneurs Favourite Site Building Platforms Final Thoughts

Creating your own website, blog or online-store is not rocket science, it just take a little knowledge, determination and perseverance.

For those wanting more information and tips try the following articles or simply search my site for the information you need.



If you have any comment, corrections or items you think should be added to, Entrepreneurs Favourite Site Building Platforms, please do not hesitate to let me have them in the comment box below.

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