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How to Write a Simple Email Follow Up Message – Email Marketing Autoresponder Tips

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How to Write a Simple Email Follow Up Message

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Are you, like many freelancers and affiliate marketers at a loss when it comes to writing an email follow up message? Do you simply email your clients with your main message and leave it at that? If you do you’re losing lots of income. Market research shows most people require reminding at least three to five times before they take action.

  • A word of warning before I continue. Please don’t spam your clients. It’s better to say nothing than have your email dispatched to the spam folder. Not only have you lost a client if this happens, but you could lose your white-listing status with your email service provider. Better to say nothing than upset your customer and have you email service provider black list you.

Auto-responders Drive Sales

Smart marketers know follow up auto-responders drive sales. But, many don’t know how to write the email messages they need in order to use these tools. A typical marketing email follows the following formula:

  • Pull the Reader in.
  • Introduce the Product.
  • Explain the Product’s Significance.
  • Tell the Reader to Make a Purchase.

BTW: Have you noticed the big mistake is this standard email marketing ploy? At no point does the formula emphasis what or how the user, buyer, customer will benefit. Never forget, you’re providing or selling a benefit or solution, not a product.

A Few Follow-up Email Ideas

So here are a few ideas about what you can say to build on the momentum, to reinforce the impact of your personal presence.

Set the foundation for the next follow up email in the current email. Remember, unless this is the third, fourth or even fifth email on this topic, you’re unlikely to sell anything. You must find a common a topic of interest, not just the product. This is where online surveys and email split testing can help.

Whether personal or professional, listen to their problems and find a solution. Then, in your follow up, you offer an idea, a contact, some resource or better yet, a solution.

Build on momentum. Stay fresh in their mind by sending the follow-up email within a few days. If you wait too long, your message will have a reduced impact. One or two, on topic, messages per week should be acceptable. Don’t send nonsensical messages just for the sake of it, people get too much rubbish in their emails as it is, don’t go adding to it.

  • What’s a nonsensical message? Something like, “Just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you”!

On Topic Persuasive Copywriting

Use persuasive copywriting in your follow up messages. Above all, stay on topic. The follow up message is about promoting the service or product introduced in the first email, don’t wander off into other areas.

Hi Harry, thank you for completing the online survey last week.

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How to Write a Simple Email Follow Up Message Conclusion

Follow this simple formula in your follow up email messages, be factual and truthful, state your pitch with confidence. Don’t forget to state clearly how they will benefit from the product for service. With the right follow up regime, your networking efforts will be the foundation for a profitable business.

Should you require more information on email marketing services (autoresponders), then you will find my article, Top Recommended Email Marketing Service Providers valuable.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, How to Write a Simple Email Follow Up Message.

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