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Best Recommended Autoresponder Services

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Best Recommended Autoresponder Services

If you’ve been researching affiliate marketing or ecommerce then you’ve probably heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”. This simple phrase means you need to build an e-mail list if you want to have a relationship with your customers and get them excited about making purchases of products you’re promoting or selling. Now, whilst you could manually send an email to every potential customer with every new promotion you have, plus send the required opt in email and response email to each potential customer who answers your landing page call to action, in reality once you get beyond about a dozen people it becomes totally unmanageable. You need an autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

Put simply, an autoresponder is an automated system which lets you automate your landing page call to action and automatically send immediate or timed email correspondence to customers. The autoresponder will automatically send an opt in email (i.e. an e-mail requesting confirmation of their opt in to your emails), add them to your mailing list and then, once again, automatically send the correspondence you have defined at prescribed, timed intervals.

The Average Person Needs to be Exposed To an Ad at Least 7 Times

Market research has shown the average person needs to be exposed to an ad at least 7 times or more before they consider buying the product. This constant necessity to remind visitors to return to your website makes an autoresponder service essential for any online business.

Below is my list of autoresponder services which I and other Internet marketing professionals use, trust and have found to be reputable and reliable for many years. The three I consider to be the best, AWeber, Constant Contact and GetResponse have very little to choose between them these days. I would suggest you give each a weeks trial for your email marketing campaigns before making up your mind.


AWeber Communications

Click for your AWeber free trial

Click for your AWeber free trial

AWeber’s auto responder service is the top pick and the one I most highly recommend. It’s by far the single most popular option for an auto responder service I’ve seen anywhere. AWeber have been in business for over 12 years, and have the best deliverability rate out there. They are a well known brand and their strict no-spam policy means email providers trust them. They are the market leaders for a very good reason. AWeber have all the features and capabilities you would expected to come with an auto responder. Just some of AWeber’s features include detailed email web analytics, activity based segmentation, geo-targeting, broadcast split-testing and an easy-to-use email setup wizard.

They are a little on the expensive side (they charge $1 for the first month and then $19 per month after that for up to 500 subscribers) but the quality is definitely there and they are very reliable and offer lots of features. Try AWeber risk-free for a month to get more email subscribers, enhance your subscriber relationships, and increase your sales.

Visit AWeber for a 30 day trial or read my AWeber review.


Get Response

Click for your GetResponse free trial

Click for your GetResponse free trial

Get Response have some pretty amazing features and are one of the most widely recognised auto responders with an excellent deliverability rate. Don’t think of it as an AWeber alternative. Get Response is the email marketing / autoresponder of choice by a lot of professionals and has been used by over 250,000 internet marketers. They have an advanced web form builder, email split testing, good video marketing options and email to speech capability so your subscribers can listen to their emails.

Get Response is a little cheaper than AWeber, offering a 250 person mailing list for $9.95 or a 1,000 person list for $18.00 per month. With GetResponse, your email marketing campaigns are protected by their Delivery Guard™ technology which monitors your mailings 24/7. GetResponse’s support service is also 24/7. All round it is a very good service.

Visit GetResponse for a free trial


Constant Contact

Click for your Constant Contact free trial

Click for your Constant Contact free trial

Constant Contact’s service contains customisable website visitor sign up forms plus over 100 professional HTML email templates for newsletters, promos, invites, etc. Don’t think of it as an AWeber alternative. They have most the features you would expect from an auto responder plus some nice additional features such as online customer surveys and an event management system to promote seminars, webinars etc. List management and hosting with unsubscribe and bounce management. Automatic delivery using HTML or text and real-time reporting for analysing clicks received.

The pricing of constant contact is reasonable and at the time of writing they had a 50% off promo. Their free trial also includes a subscription to their email marketing best practices newsletter and email campaign coaching tips. This alone is worth the trial.

Visit Constant Contact for a 60 day trial.


Free autoresponder Service Options

When I first needed an autoresponder for list building, like most starting out, I needed something on the cheap (i.e. free) for my own blog. It’s actually still working giving ebooks away as free gifts to entice people to sign up. To get this autoresponder working entailed researching about six free autoresponders and in the process learning email protocols, PHP, HTML, etc. In all about two months work. Was it worth it? Given the knowledge I gained, the answer would have to be yes (I’m an engineer so I like this kind of stuff). Was it worth it from a business point of view? Definitely not. Too much effort and too much time wasted. I would have been better going straight to AWeber, Constant Contact or GetResponse. If for no other reason, the scalability and ease of use of these systems far surpasses anything I could have done with my free autoresponder.

There are Other Reasons for Going Straight to AWeber, Constant Contact or Get Response.

One of the main problems of running your own autoresponder for list building is the traffic generated from your server. Your web hosting provider, especially if you’re using shared hosting, may not like the amount of email traffic exiting your server. If they get complaints about spam emanating from your site they may even shut down your server. Finally, if you aren’t “white listed” as a trusted source, your e-mails may not even make it to your customers.

Free Email Marketing Campaign Solutions

I really don’t recommend you use a free option for your email marketing list building however, there are a few available on the Internet. Listwire for example offers a free, unlimited mailing list. Mailchimp offers a service which is limited to 2,000 people on your list but isn’t a good choice for affiliate marketing websites since they specifically forbid that kind of email. The main problem is, both of these services append their advertising to the end of your e-mail which looks unprofessional.

If you want a free autoresponder script then Infinite Responder, created by Aaron Colman is available. This is a completely customizable, free, self-hosted, autoresponder script. Be warned before you begin, this script is no longer supported so if you need any help, you’re on your own.


Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to let me have your thoughts in the comment box below. See you soon. is hosted on JustHost

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