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7 Top Tips For Growing Your Email List

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7 Top Tips For Growing Your E-mail List

Growing your email list is one of the top priorities you should have for growing your online business. If you don’t have an email list you are leaving a lot of money untouched on the table. After all, everyone has an e-mail, g-mail, hotmail, at & t email or yahoo-mail account these days. The way to communicate these days is by e-mail, plain and simple. With most of these companies giving free email acounts why not give your subscribers some good quality free e-mail. Just remember, your email mailings must be of a high standard, don’t send just any old rubbish and don’t spam your customers or they won’t be your customers for very long. If your customers don’t have an email account, help them set up a free email account.

Increase The Value Of The Item You’re Giving Away

The more valuable you can make the item you are giving away, the more people you will get signing up for your news letter. Whether it’s a free report, ebook, audio or video file, no matter what it is make it as valuable as possible.

A Must Have News Letter Signup Box On Your Blog

This is a critical item, you must have a signup-box on every page of your blog. Make it obvious. Place the signup box at the top of every page where it’s easy to see. You can use Aweber to grab the email addresses and automate the process for you. Aweber will provide the code that you can simply drop into the sidebar of your blog. Nice and simple.

Have An Aweber Lightbox Hover On Your Blog

What’s an Aweber Lightbox Hover? It’s simply a popup box that asks the visitor to enter their name and email address and subscribe to you mailing list. Once again Aweber can be used to provide the code for this. Some people find this intrusive, but it does work.

Use The Ultimate Footer Ad

As an alternative to the Lightbox Hover popup you can use “The Ultimate Footer Ad”. This is a footer popup which does the same thing as the lightbox, but at the foot of the page. It asks the visitor for their name and email address and subscribes them to your email list. This is an alternative to the Lightbox method, I would not suggest you use both at the same time. This method is not as effective but it does help you get more opt-in subscriptions.

Get Signups From Blog Commentators

The idea here is to get everyone who leaves a comment on your blog to signup for your newsletter. This can implemented with a WordPress plugin called, Optin Comments. The plugin works with Aweber and other email service providers. The method is very simple, every time a visitor leaves a comment they are sent an email asking if they would like to receive your newsletter. The plugin is customizable, so you can decide upon the message you want to send in the email. This is a good technique because people will still remember your blog and the excellent information they obtained.

Get Signups From RSS Readers (Subscribers)

Your blog RSS is a valuable source of email sign-ups, and getting sign-ups This can be implemented with a WordPress plugin called, Feed Footer. This plugin allows you to add some text inside each RSS feed at the end of each post. This allows you to ask people to signup for your news letter by adding the appropriate links to your opt-in page.

One of the best things about the WordPress plugin Feed Footer is the cost, it’s FREE.

Get Signups From Facebook

For this you will need a Facebook Fan Page, an Aweber Autoresponder account and a Facebook Static FBML. Using these item you should create an opt-in page on you Facebook Fan Page. You may find this surprising, but this is the second highest converting method after the Aweber Lightbox method. Unfortunately I know of no reliable free autoresponders so Aweber or GetResponse are the ones I would recommend. Especially as autoresponder scripts, autoresponder examples and autoresponder samples are included with these packages for free.

Bonus Tip: Automate Your Links With Ninja Affiliate

If you automate your links, that’s web page links and website links pages, by running all your sign-up links, such as those you place in Feed Footer, through the Ninja Affiliate plugin for WordPress you can track the click rate and signup performance. The Ninja plugin has several other advantages including masking your affiliate links by showing your domain name instead of the service you are using. is hosted on JustHost

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