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DNS Servers, What Are DNS Servers and The Domain Name System

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DNS Servers, What Are DNS Servers

The Domain Name System (DNS), is the recognized system for assigning addresses to Internet web servers (aka “Internet hosts”). Somewhat like international phone numbers, the domain name system helps to give every Internet server a memorable and easy-to-spell address whilst keeping the technical IP address of the dotted-decimal notation format invisible, i.e.

  • DNS technology allows you to type domain names into your web browser such as, kingsolutions.com and have that domain automatically found on the Internet.
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governs coordination of the links between IP addresses and domain names across the Internet.

This is accomplished by having a network of DNS servers each of which contains a database of network names and addresses for Internet hosts. These name servers or nameservers lookup domain names and hostnames and translate those names into the corresponding numeric IP addresses used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.

The Domain Name System

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name wikipedia.org represents dozens of IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular web pages. For example, in the URL http://codex.WordPress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards, the domain name is WordPress.org.

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. For example:

  • gov – Government agencies
  • edu – Educational institutions
  • org – Organizations (non-profit)
  • mil – Military
  • com – commercial business
  • net – Network organizations
  • ca – Canada
  • co.uk – United Kingdom

Because the internet is based on IP addresses, not domain names, every web server requires a Domain Name System (DNS) server to translate domain names into IP addresses.

What Are DNS Servers Conclusion

Should you require more information, you can research your domain name choices and hosting providers at any of my recommended domain name registers. Most of these registrars provide domain name registration, domain name hosting, free domain name search facilities and some even provide your domain name for free when you register for a domain name hosting package.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, What Are DNS Servers.


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