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Addon Domain, What is an Addon Domain? Definition

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Addon Domain, What is an Addon Domain?

What is an addon domain, well an addon domain is a term used to describe the option to host additional domain names on a shared hosting account. The addon domain name usually points to a folder on your primary account.

  • Addon domains are basically domain names that share the resources of the primary hosting account but function as if they were an independent website. This allows you to host multiple domain names or web sites on a single hosting account. Although this has the advantage of only having to pay for the one hosting account, you still have to register (and unfortunately pay for) each domain name.

So, the addon domain functionality allows you to host more than one website on your hosting account. In other words, you can have domain1.com, domain2.co.uk, domain3.net, domain4.com or domain5.com all pointing to different websites hosted on one account and sharing its resources. Note: the suffix for each addon domain does not have to be the same as the primary domain or each other.

  • To be able to use the addon domain functionality you need to have a hosting account that allows this, for example JustHost (where this site is hosted) allows addon domains. If you are using standard web hosting account you’ll need to upgrade it.

Addon Domain Benefits

  • Create multiple domains/websites on the same web hosting account.
  • Save money by using just one hosting account instead of multiple hosting accounts.
  • The addon domain has its own FTP manager, site stats and cgi-bin.
  • New website contained within its own domain directory.
  • Access to your addon domain available using several web site addresses.
  • Back of your main domain will automatically backup all your hosted websites.

Addon Domain Disadvantages

  • The addon domain shares all the same resources (disk space, bandwidth, etc.) with your main site.
  • If your server goes down, ALL your websites become inoperable.

How to Set Up a Domain Name for the Addon Domain

The domain name you will use with the addon domain should be set up separately. You can either register a new domain name through your current web hosting provider (see my article, ‘Where to Register Domain Names“) or use an already existing domain name by changing its DNS settings to point to your account.

  • The addon domains are created and administered using the hosting accounts control panel such as cPanel. Here you can setup email addresses, ftp accounts, databases, etc. for each of the ‘added on’ domains. If you need the option to have separate control panel for each addon domain name, you will probably have to look for a Reseller package.

As each web hosting provider has slightly different requirements for addon domain name set up I suggest you look at their help and FAQ files for full instructions on the method employed by them. JustHost, for example has some nice easy to follow video tutorials on the subject for their clients.

How to Create an Addon Domain

  1. Register your new addon domain with a domain name registrar.
  2. Point the DNS information of your new addon domain to the same DNS of your web host.
  3. Allow 24-48 hours for the DNS to propagate over the internet before going live.
  4. Log in to your cPanel (web hosting manager) and select addon domains.
  5. Enter the data for: New Domain Name, Username/directory/subdomain, and Password.
  6. Click the ‘Add Domain’ button.
  7. Once it completes, your addon domain name will be ready.
  8. You can then log into your account and you should see (inside your public_html folder) a sub folder with your new addon domain name
  9. Upload your new websites index pages, images and any other information and your live.

Addon Domain, Site Visitor Perspective

From the visitor to your web sites perspective there is no difference between a primary domain and the addon domain. They cannot tell the difference. This is because an addon domain is still a fully functioning domain just like any other domain. However from an administrative point of view, addon domains are handled just like sub domains.

You can research your domain name choices further at any good registrar such as HostGator or Fasthosts or any of the registrars listed in my article, ‘Where to Register Domain Names“. Most of these registrars provide domain name registration, domain name hosting, FREE domain name search facilities and some even give you a FREE domain name.

Addon Domain, What is an Addon Domain Conclusion

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, what is an addon domain.

KingSolutions.org.uk is hosted on JustHost

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