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Domain Name Extensions, Which Is Best?

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Domain Name Extensions, Which is the best?

Is .COM Really Better than .NET, .ORG, .UK or .US?
When creating a new website for your new enterprise business, there are some tasks you cannot avoid, these include:

  • Name your website.
  • Choosing your domain name (domainname), which is the best?
  • Finding a domain name which is available. Do you use a domain name generator or search for domain information?
  • Get the domain
  • Picking a web host.
  • Register website, i.e., register a domain name with a domain name registrar.
  • Registering as the domain owner.

Let’s go thru some of the must know facts about domain name in this article.

What is a Domain Name Extension?

A domain name extension is the last part of a domain name. It is the part that follows the “name” part of your domain and signifies the domain type.

There are many domain name extensions, some are ‘primary domain extensions’ some are ‘secondary or country extensions’. Which is best? Well, that depends upon your point of view, but there are some simple guidelines to follow.

As I said, which of the myriad of domain name extensions is best depends largely upon your point of view, but in general, the.com extension should be your first acquisition followed by.net,.biz and your country of origin extension.

So, for example a typical business might acquire the following set of domain names:


Why Buy Multiple Extensions?

Well, when you start making gazillions of dollars your competitors can quite easily buy your domain with all those alternate extensions!

For example, let say you buy the domain name, fantastic-site.com, your competitors can buy the domains, fantastic-site.org, fantastic-site.biz, fantastic-site.net, etc.

Why Would They Do That?
Won’t They Confuse Their Customers?

They will not be confusing their customers because they will have a totally different primary domain for their website, this is a domain name trick. A trick designed to steal your customers by automatically redirecting any customer who enters the alternate domain names to their primary domain.

  • Avoid this common mistake and buy all the necessary domains you need to protect your interests then redirect these domain to your primary domain site.

Most Common Domain Types

The following is a list of the most common domain types. There are many more, particularly if you include the specific country code extensions. When you come to domain name registration, see Where to Register Domain Names, you will be given the full listing.

Domain Type General Domain Use
.com Perfect for all uses. The most widely used extension in the world!
.net Used as a worldwide domain for multiple brands linked from one website.
.org Organization, primarily used by non-profit groups or trade associations.
.info Signifies a “resource” web site. It’s the most popular extension beyond .COM, .NET and .ORG.
.biz Used as an alternative to .COM.
.eu Anyone operating out of Europe.
.me Register a domain personal to you.
.co The new .COM alternative.
.mobi Designed specifically for services to mobile devices.
.tv Used for rich content/multi-media or entertainment industry.
.co.uk Perfect for all UK uses.
.org.uk Often used by UK non-profit groups, charities, or trade associations.
.ltd.uk For use by UK Private Limited Companies only. Domain name must match registered company name. Companies House registration number required for registration.
.plc.uk For use by UK Puiblic Limited Companies only. Domain name must match registered company name. Companies House registration number required for registration.


Tips for Your Domain Name

The following are just a few, hints and tips on choosing and creating your own domain name:

  1. You don’t need a website to register a domain name, you can simply “park” your domain name for possible future usage. Many people and companies do this simply to protect the name from the competition or because the intend to use the name at some future date.
  2. You can register domain names that are a single word, a name or a phrase using almost any combination of ASCII characters.
  3. Your domain name cannot include spaces.
  4. Your domain name must only use letters, numbers and hyphens ( dashes ” “).
  5. Your domain name must not begin or end with a hyphen.
  6. Domain names are not case sensitive, so don’t use capital letters.
  7. During the registration process you may see your domain name depicted in all capital letters, just ignore this. The actual registration will be made in all lower case letters.
  8. When you tell people your domain name use capital letters to make it easier to read, i.e. KingSolutions.com and not kingsolutions.com.
  9. Your domain name must be unique. You cannot have more than one web site with the same address.
  10. Try to include keywords in your domain name, i.e. MikesDogKennals.com or WeddingCakes.com.
  11. Register as many extensions of your domain name as possible (within reason). Definitely register.com,.net..biz and your country extension.
  12. Consider adding a prefix in front of your desired name, i.e. MY, OUR, YOUR, SHOPdomainname.
  13. Consider adding a suffix at the end of your desired name, i.e. UK, USA, STORE, COMPANY, CORP, SOURCEdomainname.
  14. Consider using your family name as your domain name, i.e. JohnSmithFamilyTree.com.
  15. Consider registering common misspellings of your chosen domain name.
  16. Try adding hyphens (dashes ” “) between words to make them more readable, i.e. John-Smith-Family-Tree.com.
  17. Always check for your domain names availability before going any further, don’t build a web site and then try to register the domain name.
  18. Once you have your domain name use it in your email address, i.e. jenny@john-smith-family-tree.com.
  19. Make sure you know when your domain’s renewal fees are due. You don’t want to loose your domain name because you forgot the renewal date.

Not All Domain Names are Created Equal!

Be very careful when buying your domain name and only buy from an accredited registrar. Why? Well, if your domain extension is not recognized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and/or your national authority, you could run into problems later on.

Some domain name extensions are not properly recognized, this is particularly true for the so-called “free domain names”. For example:


Is this the domain extension for UK based companies?

It’s not. The correct extension for UK based companies is .co.uk because the top-level domain (.uk) is reserved for the UK (as specified by ICANN).

  • Note: Those who registered domains under the .uk.co extension, lost their domain names when is was withdrawn. Don’t get caught out, use accredited registrars only.

Domain Name Extensions, Which is the Best Conclusion


Many people believe that the .com domain is the only domain worth purchasing because that’s the one that most people assume when typing in domains. While this was true in the past, these days businesses use other top-level domains without a problem.

.Org and .Net Domains

After .com, the .net and .org TLDs are easily the most popular. There used to be a distinction that .org domains were for non-profits and .net domains were for Internet companies. But these days, anyone can get a .org or .net domain name.

You can research your domain name choices at any of the registrars listed in my article, Where to Register Domain Names. Most of these accredited registrars provide domain name registration, domain name hosting, free domain name search facilities and some even give you a FREE domain name if you accept their domain name hosting package.

Well, I hope you found something useful and enjoyed this article, Domain Name Extensions, Which is the best?


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