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How to Create Your First Website

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How to Create Your First Website

How to Create Your First Website

This free online course by Chris Farrell, How to Create Your First Website, covers the skills and techniques needed to create your first website. It is designed for those who have always wanted to build their own website but lack the skills or knowledge to do it.

  • Chris Farrell, voted Number 1 Internet Marketing Service Provider, describes in a non-technical and step-by-step manner how to create and format web pages, get a domain name, set up a hosting account, and how to place your website online.
  • To have access to all of Chris’s videos and articles about web business and marketing, click this link, Chris Farrell Membership.

The course is ideal for those who want to create an online business but lack the skills or knowledge to do so.

How long will the course take? To complete all the modules, allow two to three hours.

Here is the complete, day-by-day, contents for the course.

Note: The videos are at the bottom of the page.


Module 1:

An introduction to creating your first website. Learn what this course is about, how a web page works, and what terms you will need to know.

V1: Introduction to the course
V2: What you will learn
V3: How a Web page works
V4: Terms you need to know

GoDaddy is a Web site where domain names can be purchased. Click this link to visit their website.


Module 2:
Domain Names and Hosting Account Explained

This section covers how to purchase a domain name for your website, how to set up a hosting account for the website, and explains what nameservers are.

V5: Choosing a domain name
V6: Purchasing a domain name Part 1
V7: Purchasing a domain name Part 2
V8: Hosting accounts explained
V9: Purchasing a hosting account
V10: Hosting details confirmed
V11: Nameservers explained
V12: Changing nameservers

Click this link, HostGator, to purchase a hosting account.


Module 3:
Creating Web pages

This section of the course describes how to set up a project folder for your website and how to use web page editing software to create web pages.

V13: Introduction to a Web editor
V14: Downloading a Web editor
V15: Tour of a Web editor
V16: What is an Index page?
V17: Creating a project folder
V18: Saving files correctly
V19: Formatting text

  • KompoZer (www.KompoZer.net) is a free web editor program.


Module 4:
Links, Images and Formatting

This section covers the use of internal, external and anchor links. Also, how to obtain images, resize them, and format web pages.

V20: Introduction to links
V21: Creating links Part 1
V22: Creating links Part 2
V23: Formatting a Web page correctly
V24: Adding colour
V25: Images explained
V26: Obtaining images
V27: Resizing images
V28: Downloading free image resizing software
V29: Saving images correctly
V30: Inserting images into a Web page
V31: Aligning text and images correctly
V32: Aligning text in a table correctly

  • iStockPhoto is a Web site where you can purchase high-quality images for use on your Web site.
  • Ifranview is a free image re-sizing software program which can be downloaded.


Module 5: Publishing Your First Web Page

V33: Publishing explained
V34: Publishing your first Web page
V35: The 3 most common publishing problems
V36: Putting everything together Part 1
V37: Putting everything together Part 2
V38: Creating a second Web page
V39: Creating a third Web page
V40: Linking your Web pages together
V41: Introduction to autoresponders
V42: Using templates
V43: Final words


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