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Free For All (FFA) Sites – Viable Promotion Strategies?

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Free for All (FFA) Sites – Viable Promotion Strategies?

Free for All (FFA) Sites - Viable Promotion Strategies?

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FFA sites are pages with the sole purpose of listing links. Anyone can post their “ad” on these pages for free, and I do mean anyone. Where the owner of the site doesn’t monitor the submissions, this can mean links to some rather undesirable content. Not the type of thing you want to be associated with as a reputable affiliate.

Your ad usually consists of one or two lines of text plus a descriptive link. The ad pages consist of a constantly rotating list of about 50 items and will last anywhere from a few minutes to several days, depending on the popularity of the niche.


A typical Free For All site will try to entice you with powerful headlines such as:


  • Submit your web site to 700,000+ FFA Pages – FREE
  • Blast Your URL to 400,000+ FFA Pages, Search Engines, Classified Ad Site
  • FFA Submitter -BLAST your ad to millions


You will usually be required to register with the FFA site, nothing unusual there you might think, but the FFA site may send your registration details to other affiliated sites (part of the submission agreement) and you will receive a confirmation email request from all of them. That could be over 800 confirmation requests in some cases!

Unfortunately you will probably also get a sudden influx of email (hundreds) and even though you may take the time to unsubscribe you may still receive spam because of that one email to a FFA site for many years.


At one time FFA link farm pages gaining popularity and began littering search engine results with garbage so the major search engines filtered these pages so negating any backlink value.

My FFA Conclusion

I’d advise you to keep well away from FFA pages – it’s simply not worth the effort. For better, more viable methods to get your affiliate or online business started you can visit KingSolutions. If you want to do your own research on this topic, try a Google search on “Free-For-All Sites”, but be careful out there.

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