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10+ Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Blogging

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Make Money Online By Blogging

Make Money Online By Blogging

First a warning, most ‘earn cash from home’ ads are cons, so be careful out there.

That having been said, if you have a computer or smartphone, there are a host of real, genuine ways to boost your income online. If you’re dedicated, you could earn £1,000s a year working from home with just a few, easily learned skills.

So it turns out that the internet is good for more than just entertainment, you can make money from it to! This guide lists some of the many ways you can make money online.

Website Building

Every site you see on the Internet is virtual real estate, a digital representation of a real store. Just like real estate in the physical world, virtual real estate has value.

Just like real estate in the physical world, virtual real estate can be worth practically nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It all depends upon who owns the website (virtual real estate) and how popular it is. Every website, be it a humble hobby blog or a multinational like Amazon, works in exactly the same way, and more importantly from your point of view, requires exactly the same skills to construct.

The only things you need to get started in website building are a few basic programming skills, a website template (i.e., WordPress), website content, and of course, a domain name and hosting provider.

All these tasks are only as difficult as you make them, the basic programming skills can be learned as needed, the content can be written when the website is up and running, and a domain name and hosting can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

How much will all this cost? Provided you have an Internet connection and a computer you can get your websites up and running for less than $10 per month (with special offers, less than half that).

So what are you waiting for? Get your own website up and running now then start constructing websites for others.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

Once you have your own website you can start to earn commissions through Amazon and many others. Click here for my top affiliate networks for online marketers. These affiliate networks provide tools to enable your site visitors to find products and services on merchant sites. When your visitor buys something, you get commission.

Pay Per Click Ads

You can participate in any one or more of the ad publishing network that exist today. Such networks include Google Adsense, Kontera/Amobee, Infolinks, SiteScout, Bidvertiser, and many other contextual ad networks. Once accepted, all you need to do is copy the code supplied and paste it into your blog’s template.

Google AdSense is the most popular, free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show automatic text, image, video, and interactive media advertisements which are relevant and engaging to your site visitors. You can even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Ask for Donations

PayPal Donate button

Place a PayPal donation button in a prominent position on your blog. Displaying the PayPal donation button is your way of telling your generous visitors that you are spending money in maintaining your blog and if they feel so inclined, they can help by sending a few dollars. This is unlikely to make you a millionaire, but when you’re starting out, every penny helps.

If you need help in doing this see my article, How to Add PayPal Donate Button to WordPress.

Start a Membership Site

Why not take your website one step further and start a membership site? Interested? Read these articles:


Write Sponsored Reviews or Promoted Posts

You can make money by writing sponsored or paid reviews for your chosen niche. You can get clients by directly contacting possible sponsors or you can just join paid review networks like PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews.

PayPerPost (PPP) is Asia Pacific’s Sponsorship Marketplace where you can monetize your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

PPP is a website which helps content creators such as you find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. The advertisers create opportunities that describe the content they are looking for (e.g. feedback, reviews, buzz, creative, video). You just choose the opportunities which interest you and create the content.

Once the you have written your blog post or posted a video that matches the requirements, PPP will review the content against its requirements and send your payment (via PayPal) as agreed.

SponsoredReviews is a place where advertisers look for bloggers to write about their products. This is also a site for bloggers who want to sell sponsored posts on their own blogs.

Advertisers who go to SponsoredReviews have their own requirements for what they want in each post. Once you’re account and profile is on SponsoredReviews, advertisers will visit your blog and if they’re interested in buy ‘advertising space’, they’ll contact you. If you prefer a more pro-active approach you can also approach advertisers directly.

Sell Ad Space Directly on Your Blog

Once you have thousands of visitors to your site you can earn a lot by selling advertising space, banners, etc., directly to advertisers. You get to keep 100% of the advertising fees and the more popular your blog becomes more you can charge. However, you will need to learn to market your blog so that advertisers will find your site and rent space. Get your SEO Tools for Keyword Research and start your marketing campaign now.

Sell Your Own E-book

You’re an excellent writer, right! Why not use your writing skills to write your own ebooks. If you know a lot about painting, then why not write a guide on how to paint? If you’re an electronics guru, love horses, can make cakes that melt in the mouth, in fact anything you are knowledgeable about, then why not write an ebook about it.

Once you’ve written the ebook, you can either sell it via Amazon or give it away as part of your email marketing strategy. When ready, promote your book by writing posts on your blog.

Sell Your Blog

So, you’ve created a successful blog. You have lots of visitors. Now sell it!

After creating a blog in a valued niche and successfully publishing high ranking content, so making the blog very popular, you can sell the blog for a very nice profit. It might sound crazy but there are lots of entrepreneurs who make money this way. Blogs with high traffic can sell for tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Create Your Own Online Store/Shop

Learning how to build an online store from scratch can be a daunting task. Luckily you don’t have to. With the advent of dropshipping sites such as; Bigcommerce, Salehoo, Shopify and WorldWideBrands you can create your own online store and sell both your own and others goods the easy way.

For more information on dropshipping click here, for the best dropshipping companies to use click here.

Sell via EBay

With or without your own blog you can sell using eBay and similar online auction sites. If you have anything you want to sell, then EBay is the place you need to seriously consider doing it first. People have gotten rich selling on EBay.

If you have your own online store, one of the main reasons for selling via eBay is the global free promotion you can get. You may sell the first item to a customer through eBay, but, after that they can come directly to your online store, so saving you commission an building your own customer base.

With your own customer base you can use email marketing and increase your sales dramatically.

Get Paid to Test Companies’ Websites

If you have your own website you’ll know how much effort goes into testing each aspect of your site. Well, companies are desperate to make their websites better as well, so user testing is big business.

If you sign up to What Users Do you can earn £8 to £15 to test a website for up to 20 minute. These involve easy tasks such as trying to find something on a site or feed-back on the look and feel of a new homepage.

When you do a test, a java applet is run to records your screen and voice (NOT your webcam – so no need to dress up). There’s no need to write reports, just speak your thoughts as you follow instructions and complete the testing procedure.

Earn Cash from Videos

One of the best ways of promoting your blog is by using videos. So why not promote your blog (and possibly other products) and get paid for it!

  • I can’t promise you’ll earn £100,000 like the dad who uploaded “Charlie bit my finger – again!”, the clip of two cheeky brothers that gained 825+ million views.

Even if your YouTube videos don’t become global phenomena, it’s possible to earn a little extra each month through the partner programme. The YouTube’s Partner Programme gives video posters a cut of the cash from the adverts which run alongside their videos. Earnings vary dramatically, depending on how many views you rack up and how much revenue the ads generate.

Make Money Online by Blogging Final Thoughts

To get started making money online by blogging get your own website and include Google Adsense, and Amazon Associates links on your site immediately. Then join an affiliate network, select a few good product and start promoting. If you have a really specific niche or you’re into education then start a membership site. It’s not an easy life, it does take time and effort, but with perseverance you will get there.

If you have any comment, corrections or items you think should be added to, Make Money Online By Blogging, please do not hesitate to let me have them in the comment box below.

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