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Oct 152017

Top 10 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes of September 2017 from StudioPress

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Once you have your domain name and hosting provider sorted the next thing you need to think about for your online business venture is how your site is going to look. You want to offer high quality content which engages your niche audience. Your site must be easy to maintain, clean, organized, functional and easy to navigate.

Like millions of other entrepreneurs you need WordPress and a WordPress theme. Whilst there are thousands of free WordPress themes available, in all probability, the easiest and safest bet is for you to purchase a premium WordPress theme (definition).

What follows is the most popular premium WordPress themes from StudioPress. These short reviews will help you decide which one of these themes is the best fit for you. This months themes winners are:

  1. Foodie Pro
  2. Magazine Pro
  3. Infinity Pro
  4. Altitude Pro
  5. Studio Pro
  6. Monochrome Pro
  7. AgentPress
  8. Refined Pro
  9. Parallax Pro
  10. Smart Passive
  • Business Pro (Theme of the Month)

StudioPress (not Studio Press) is arguably the leading provider when it comes to premium WordPress themes. They offers a great variety of child themes for almost any type of blog with a powerful Genesis Framework under the hood.

Each of these premium WordPress themes has specific features that will be useful for the kind of site you want to run and every theme StudioPress releases is Mobile Responsive and coded with latest HTML5 (the next generation of web markup) makes your site future compatible, mobile/tablet compatible, cross-browser compatible, and makes your site truly search engine friendly (SEO).

So, here are the top 10 best-selling StudioPress themes for this month:

Top 10 Best Selling StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes for September 2017


1: Foodie Pro Theme by StudioPress

Foodie Pro Theme

She’s sleek and svelte with her minimalist approach and clean design, but she sure packs a punch when it comes to features. Foodie Pro is the most flexible Genesis Theme to date – with a minimalist style and plenty of colour and typography options. Click here for extra information and a demo of the Foodie Pro Theme.


2: Magazine Pro Theme by StudioPress

Magazione Pro Theme

Put yourself on the front lines of online publishing with the up-to-the-minute, high-gloss look and feel of the Magazine theme. Your online features never looked better than with the versatile layouts and media-ready design of the Magazine theme. A stylish frame speaks volumes about the publisher. Get the latest information and a demo of the Magazine Pro theme.


3: Infinity Pro Theme by StudioPress

Infinity Pro Theme

If you’re a digital business looking to elevate your brand, Infinity Pro was made for you. It’s an elegant, responsive way to introduce your online presence. With all of the options we’ve packed into Infinity Pro to customize your customer’s experience, it’s also one of the most flexible StudioPress theme releases to date. And did we mention it’s compatible with WooCommerce? Click here for further information and a presentation for the Infinity Pro Theme.


4: Altitude Pro Theme by StudioPress

Altitude Pro Theme

The parallax effects will grab your eye, but it’s the features and flexibility will move your mind.

Altitude Pro is a theme with a purpose, and that purpose to take you and your online business higher. Check here for Altitude Pro Theme information and a demonstration.


5: Studio Pro Theme by StudioPress

StudioPress Themes

If you are a creative agency looking to showcase your portfolio to potential clients, Studio Pro is the perfect solution. Studio Pro is WooCommerce-ready and includes a number of features that makes this a must-have theme for your creative business. Get the latest information and a demo of the Studiol Pro theme.


6: Monochrome Pro Theme by StudioPress

Monochrome Pro Theme

Want a website that’s substantial but simple? Come see the sleek difference that white space and typography make in minimal design with Monochrome Pro. If having a visually strong digital presence and an easy-to-use site are equally important to you, then Monochrome Pro is the Genesis-powered theme you’ve been waiting for. Click here for further information and a presentation for the Monochrome Pro Theme.


7: AgentPress Pro Theme by StudioPress

AgentPress Pro Theme

AgentPress Pro helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings. Rise above the market and achieve results by showcasing your professional services and up-to-the-minute resources with the buyer-friendly layouts of AgentPress. Your clients will thank you for it. Get the latest information and a demo of the AgentPress Pro theme.


8: Refined Pro Theme by StudioPress

Refined Pro Theme

If you are an entrepreneur and ready to build a timeless, classic brand, Refined Pro is the perfect foundation for your business. Refined Pro allows you to beautifully showcase your photography, your content, and your products-while maintaining a simple, yet elegant, look. Click for a demo and Refined Pro Theme information.


9: Parallax Pro Theme by StudioPress

Parallax Pro Theme

The new role of website design is to tell a story, which is what Parallax Pro was developed to do. Parallax keeps your page content in proper narrative order, giving you a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow. It divides your content into parts, with a clear connection between them. This allows your visitors to read it like a real story, with no pause or break, and leads them right to your call to action. Click for a demo and Parallax Pro Theme information.


10: Smart Passive Income Pro Theme by StudioPress

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme

Pat Flynn knows it takes three key elements to create a successful online platform: design, content, and strategy. The Smart Passive Income Pro theme weaves together these essential elements. It features striking design and strategic content areas that will make your online business unforgettable. Click for a demo and Smart Passive Income Pro Theme information.


* Business Pro Theme by StudioPress (Theme of the Month)

Business Pro Theme

Business Pro won’t necessarily make you a pro in business, but it will make your business look like the only pro to do business with!

Business Pro is designed to be simple yet flexible. It leverages the built-in core functionality of WordPress like custom logos, custom header videos and images, the new image and video widgets, featured images, and more. It is a smart choice for creative agencies, service providers of all shapes and sizes, and even brick-and-mortar businesses that want a contemporary look and feel online. Click here for a demo and Business Pro Theme information.


Top 10 Best Selling StudioPress Themes Final Note

If you have several niche websites or blogs, then you really want the Pro Plus All-Theme Package. It gives you lifetime access to all of their child themes they offer now, including the Genesis Framework itself, plus every child theme they make in the future at no additional cost. (The Pro Plus package saves you almost $1000 over the cost of purchasing everything separately!) is hosted on JustHost

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